Lysander Morrigan (ladylysander) wrote in inkscrawls,
Lysander Morrigan

Having just realized I nearly spent the day without posting, I now kick it into high gear, and toss out some cruddy discriptive prose.

She is warm, like a cottom cloak, with coarse fur, and a vibrating feel; a rough tough and a calming, soothing presence.
She is happiest when she is naught but a familiar presence nearby, untouched, yet not unnoticed; drawing attention with plantive calls on the occasion, just to make sure you're still watching, still aware.
She is like a precocious child, never obeying, and yet capeable of innosence beyond her years with but a simple, wide-eyed glance.
She is a cascading bound of constant energy, resting only when she sees fit, and everywhere she goes there is music.
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