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First Post?

So, without really knowing what’s expected of me, I venture forth into the first attempt at an inkscrawl. It’s not quite a short story, not quite a Haiku, not quite.. anything. But very few things in my head which make it to paper are. A lot of things I write just.. get written. Usually, I try and formulate it into poetry, but, well, sometimes, it doesn’t work. Still. I’ll tuck things behind LJ-cuts to keep things short, since, admittedly, I have problems shutting up sometimes. ;)

The sound is like being in the womb.

When you have your head against the warm frame of an animal's chest or flanks; be it cat, or dog, or horse, or even the chest of a friend or loved one. The warm feel against the side of your face, and the slow, steady thump of their heart as it beats, pattering in the smaller forms, thundering in the larger. The sensation of the sound is reminiscent of being in the womb.

It is a comfort sound.

There are many comfort sounds like it. But a heartbeat is the strongest of them all. The sound of a heartbeat is like regressing back into the time before worries were present. It is a reassuring presence, that someone is going to be there if you fall, or that at night, a presence of warmth and hospitality will be in your bedroom. Singing you lullabyes, rocking your cradle. Gently brushing your cheek with their fingers, laying light kisses upon your forehead, as they lean down, and their warm breath from their nose graces your face.

It is a warm sound, a sound unlike any other, though many sounds try to duplicate it. This sound is why they suggest puppies and kittens be placed near a water bottle wrapped around a ticking clock when they are first seperated from their mothers. Because hearing this sound, a faux of the true lub-dub of a beating heart, is close enough that it reminds them, it is still there. Home is still there. Comfort is still there.

And there are other heartbeats, as well. The thrum of a chest is not the only notion of a beating heart. The gentle pulse of the waves against the shore of a beach, is, in it self, much like a heartbeat. It is a great, rushing blow of water upon the sands, like the open and close of the many valves within the organ which produces the steady, rythmic thud within a chest. The crash of the surf is like the ocean's great, beating heart, making it's presence known to the world.

And in a way, it's almost like the heartbeat of the earth, too. A great, steady crash, of rushing sounds, and thudding noises. Slow. Steady. Prominent.

The sound is like being in the womb.

I trust if this is in any way unfit for the forum, the moderators shall remove it, or else tell me what I’ve done wrong.

- C.M.
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