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Inky Scrawls

Splitter, splatter, splot!

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Welcome to a community dedicated to creative writing. Members are encouraged to write and post one piece of writing a day, whether it be a haiku, or a short story, or the first chapter of a novel. It's a haven for the creative process to blossom; nothing more, or nothing less than what you make it.

Inkscrawls is managed by its moderators, skycornerless. Membership is by request, so if you're interested in joining, please leave a comment on the new 'first' entry, and I'll take a look.

Rules are pretty simple and sparse:

1. Respect each other. Constructive criticism is always appreciated, but we aren't here to shred each other to pieces.
2. Try to post everyday after your first post, but if you miss a couple of days, obviously you aren't going to be kicked out. Eventually I'll get around to a an 'idle rule,' but not right now.
2a. If you're going away for a while, be sure to tell us! Again, nobody'll hate you for it, but we worry if you suddenly drop off the face of the earth. And if you can, keep a paper writing journal and post when you get back. ;)

This isn't a strict community by any means -- as said above, we're just here to encourage you to write. If you think everyday is too much, set your own limit! Once a week, or every other day... just so long as there's a set schedule to challenge you. (Keyword: challenge.) And above all else, enjoy yourself.

Merci. ^_^