Lysander Morrigan (ladylysander) wrote in inkscrawls,
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My mom sent me a dancing hamster that made me laugh.

Laughter, the music of the soul,
Billows and bobbles,
Floats and gushes.

There are many kinds of laughter,
There are the tee-hee-ers,
There are the guffawers,
The hoo-hooers,
The Heh-heh-ers.

There are the gigglers,
The titterers,
The chucklers,
The sniggerers,
Those people who's laughs
Bellow like a fat man,
And those who's high pitched titters
Cause dogs to whine.

There are snorters,
Whom are made fun of,
And the squealers,
Who make yodlers look tame.
(Yodlers, those folks who seem
To sing every time they laugh.)

This music is a blessing;
It chases away the demons,
for why else would it be
The best medicine?
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